Aiken Horse Park Foundation

We are excited to continue the work started over 16 years ago by our dear friend and founder, R. Bruce Duchossois, to preserve a way of life here in Aiken.
Bruce purchased the Park in August 2000 after learning that developers were interested in turning the 66-acre field and steeplechase track into a housing development. Bruce’s long-time vision and dream for the Park was to turn it into the very best horse park facilities in South Carolina, while at the same time being careful to faithfully preserve and carry forward Aiken’s unique equestrian traditions. When Bruce was diagnosed with the condition that ultimately took his life, he knew that the time was right to put his vision into action. Bruce formed the Aiken Horse Park Foundation in the summer of 2013 and, later that year, donated the Park to the Foundation.

​​​​​To ensure the success of the Foundation, Bruce encircled himself with like-minded individuals to serve on the Foundation governing board and to carry forward his vision for the future of the Park. The Board shares Bruce’s passion and commitment that the Park would be a benefit to and used by all of Aiken, not just by its equestrian community. We are thrilled to work with Aiken Steeplechase Races, and we look forward to having many other local organizations host their community, educational and charitable activities at the Park. The Board and I are especially looking forward to hosting charity horse shows to raise funds to address charitable causes in and around Aiken that were near to Bruce’s heart.
Bruce’s greatest joy was to share with others what he himself enjoyed, especially when it involved horses. In memory of Bruce’s dedication and commitment to horse sports, we are naming the main field “Bruce’s Field.”The Aiken Horse Park is Bruce’s legacy and his incredible gift to the community that he loved. We look forward to carrying out Bruce’s wonderful dream and we invite you to be a part of this new tradition in Aiken.

Yours truly,
Jack Wetzel
President, Aiken Horse Park Foundation