Aiken Horse Park Foundation

The MISSION of the Aiken Horse Park Foundation is to promote Aiken’s equestrian way of life and to encourage the community’s civic, educational, and charitable endeavors.

​Board of Directors Jack Wetzel,  Tara Stoker Bostwick,  R. Scot Evans, Craig Duchossois, Richard L. Duchossois, Daniel F. Geitner,  Mike Laver, John P. Stephens 

Bruce's Legacy
When Bruce Duchossois purchased the field in 2000, he did so with a vision of its past, present, and future as a fixture of Aiken’s equestrian tradition. While his immediate goal was to save the land from residential development, Bruce’s dream was to grow it into South Carolina’s premier equestrian facility—maintaining its historic character, and paying forward the generosity of his predecessors.
Knowing he may not live to see his dream realized, Bruce created a Foundation to carry on his vision that “Bruce’s Field” may provide future generations with a place to hold the kinds of events that he cherished—old-fashioned venues with character and integrity; not an international horse park, but an intimate field in the center of the celebrated Horse District, where riders from the youngest lead line toddlers to the strongest Grand Prix competitors can come several times a season and compete on the best quality surfaces; not limited in its use, but a place where the City of Aiken’s many charitable and civic endeavors may be held for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents and visitors.
Bruce dearly loved Aiken and was so thankful for what it gave him. He offered this gift to the people and to the city knowing that he would not be able to enjoy it himself, and asking nothing in return but that others enjoy it in his stead.