Aiken Horse Park Foundation

The MISSION of the Aiken Horse Park Foundation is to promote Aiken’s equestrian way of life and to encourage the community’s civic, educational, and charitable endeavors.

​Board of Directors Jack Wetzel,  Tara Stoker Bostwick,  R. Scot Evans, Craig Duchossois, Richard L. Duchossois, Daniel F. Geitner,  Bob, Hottensen, Mike Laver, John P. Stephens 

Bruce's Legacy
To ensure its tradition as an equestrian venue in Aiken’s Historic Horse District, Bruce Duchossois purchased the 66 acres, now known as Bruce’s Field in the year 2000.  His dream was to nurture the property into South Carolina’s premier equestrian facility yet maintain its historic character. Following the examples of stewardship and generosity by the generations of previous owners, and knowing that he might not live long enough to see his dream realized, Bruce created a foundation to ensure the long-term survival of his dream.  The Aiken Horse Park Foundation is proud of Bruce’s Field; its facilities that enable equestrian sport at its finest, but more importantly its character holding fast to the values of tradition and integrity. 

Bruce dearly loved Aiken and was so thankful for what it gave him. He offered this gift to the people and to the city knowing that he would not be able to enjoy it himself, and asking nothing in return but that others enjoy it in his stead.